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All American Homes and Merillat cabinets

My wife and I just built a new home.  We had an All-American Home in the past and loved it, so built another.  If you are considering building an All-American Home, read on…buyer beware!

In the original home, we put in Merillat Cabinets, solid oak with a honey stain.  This time, she decided to upgrade, so we paid the extra money for Maple Cabinets.

When we first walked in and looked at the cabinets, there were dings and marks everywhere.  I ran my fingernail over the inside door and it made a big mark.  Being a woodworker, I called it out and said I don't know what kind of wood that is, but it is not hard maple.  Over a month later, the Merillat Cabinet representative came out.  He looked at the cabinets and basically said, "Yep, that's what you ordered".  I explained the difference between a soft maple and a hard maple.  He explained to me how trees have changed in the past 13 years, so the wood quality is different.  I then explained that trees don't change, but there is much less old growth wood, so some have switched to soft maple because they grow faster.  He said that wasn't true.  We both realized this wasn't going anywhere, so he left.

So, I have a brand new house with Merillat Cabinets that will look good, as long as you don't use them.  Don't buy Merillat cabinets, they have changed their quality of wood to decrease expenses, but the price of the cabinets keeps going up.  Work with a local cabinet maker, you’ll be much happier in the end.

Next, the tub. If you have built or are building an All American Home, have your plumber check the tub. All American installed the tub incorrectly, voiding the warranty. The tube will crack along the edge, because it is suspended! The tub should be firmly against the ground. My tub was about an inch above the ground, so it was totally supported by the rim. They also didn’t make the tub housing big enough, so cut out the tub supports to make it fit! If your tub in your All American Home is cracking along the edge, have a plumber inspect it, it probably wasn’t installed correctly.

If you have any questions or want more details, please email me and I'd be happy to send you pictures of the cabinets or even a short video of how easily they scratch or what to look for in your tub installation.  Stay tuned for more information on All American Homes, and the quality of work there!

I will have pictures and videos coming soon!


Chad Mathys