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Bat Houses

Barn in the Sticks offers a good selection of quality made bat houses approved by the Organization for Bat Conservation and our bat houses are also approved by Bat Conservation International.  Some interesting bat facts:

  • More than 1,100 species of bats account for almost a quarter of all mammal species, and most arre highly beneficial.
  • Bats play essential roles in keeping populations of night-flying insects in balance, worldwide.
  • A single little brown bat can catch more than 1,000 mosquito-sized insects in just one HOUR!
  • A colony of 150 big brown bats can protect farmers from up to 33 million rootworms each summer.
  • The 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats from Bracken Cave in Texas eat approximately 200 tons of insects nightly!
  • In the wild, important agricultural plants-from bananas, breadfruit and mangos to cashews, dates and figs - rely on bats for pollination and seed dispersal.
  • Contrary to popular misconceptions, bats are not blind, do not become entangled in human hair and seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans.
  • All mammals can contraact rabies; however, even less than 1/2 of 1%of bats that do contract the disease will normally bite only in self-defense.  They pose little threat to people who do not handle them.
  • More than 50% of American bat species are endangered or declining sufficiently to warrant special concern.  Losses are occurring at alarming rates worldwide.

So help the bats and help yourself by putting up a bat house today!