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Best-1 32 Ounce Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder

  • Best-1 32 Ounce Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder Best One Glass reservoir and easy to clean base
  • Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 32 ounces shown in action!
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Product Description

Once you buy the Best-1 Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder, you'll kick yourself for not buying one years ago!  Maybe it's because it is bee and wasp proof, maybe because it is made in the USA, its eight feeding ports, dishwasher safe, clear glass reservoir or because it is easy to clean and refill...but most likely, it is all of those things!  The base is two pieces, making it very easy to clean thoroughly, one of the easiest hummingbird feeders to clean on the market.  You can also easily set the glass bottle from the hummingbird feeder on end for easy filling.  Best-1 Hummingbird Feeders has perfected this feeder though the years, it is easy to clean and has a perch ring running around the outside of the feeder, so the hummingbirds can perch or hover to feed.  The glass nectar bottle holds 32 ounces of hummingbird nectar.  For a quick and easy recipe, just mix one part sugar to 4 parts water.   There are also 72 ounce and 8 ounce hummingbird feeder bottles available, or if you are looking for a gift, we also have a gift set which includes an ant moat, hummingbird food, a Best-1 32 ounce hummingbird feeder and a port cleaning brush. 

This hummingbird feeder also has a scale on the side to help you calculate how many hummingbirds are feeding at your hummingbird feeder.  The Best-1 Hummingbird feeder is also available in an 8 ounce and 72 ounce size to best fit your needs. Barn in the Sticks also carries replacement parts for your Best-1 Hummingbird feeder, both the bottle and the red plastic base.

  • Measures 6-1/2"(L) X 6-1/2"(W) X 11-1/2" (H)
  • Made in Texas
  • Holds 32 ounces
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean design
  • Designed to be bee and wasp resistant, see our youtube video below.

Hummingbirds are in every state in the United States ,and they are one of the least expensive birds to attract.  Just put out a nectar feeder and they'll more than likely find it.  Some years are better than others, so don't be discouraged if you don't see many your first year.  I encourage using a mixture of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.  Heat up the water, then take off the burner and add the sugar, stir until dissolved.  Let it cool and put it in the hummingbird feeder.  Some hummingbird feeders are tinted red...there is an ongoing debate whether or not the red tint is bad for the hummingbirds...but if you have a red hummingbird feeder, like the Best-1 hummingbird feeder's base, you don't need to worry, the red is already there to attract them.  If you'd like to add some red...wait until the red Christmas bows go on sale after Christmas, pick out a couple of outdoor bows, and tie them to the top of the hummingbird feeder. 

You can also count your hummingbirds and send your information into the Audubon Society and they have a map to track the hummingbird migration...sign up by clicking here.

If you have any trouble with the Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder, please email me at chad@barninthesticks.com and I will be happy to help you.  One of the common problems is screwing the base in too tight...all it takes in once, and the base will crack.  You won't see it, but this tiny crack will allow the nectar level to go too high in the base, causing bees to be able to reach it. 




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Product Videos

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  1. don't forget the ant moat, or a fishing line. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jul 2018

    I bought this feeder just focusing on the fact that it's bee/wasp proof. But it's not ant-proof.

    Our neighborhood "diva" hummingbirds let us know very quickly, they would not go near the feeder as long as those "things" were floating in their nectar.

    How they conveyed this was quite simple. The humming birds perched themselves in the tree where the feeder hangs. Anytime, i would pass the window facing the feeder, they would make sure we saw them perched in plain sight, first staring at the feeder, then turning right back at looking into the house.

    I finally walked out to the feeder. And sure enough, several ilve ants apparently were all over the feeder ports while over a 100 or so drowned ones were just floating in the nectar.

    If you can't afford, or can't wait for the ant moat, a very fine fishing filament works because the ants just fall off the line.

  2. Great feeder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2018

    The design is great. Easy to clean and allows the birds a chance to sit, eat and catch their breath. I had one for years but was unable to replace it locally. Thanks to your prompt shipment, my little friends are much happier!

  3. Best hummingbird feeder I could find 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2018

    I bought these a few years ago and they are great. Bees don't even stop any more and the birds love the multiple ports to eat. The bottles are tough to stand up to cleaning almost daily. The plastic bases are easy to clean but after a year or so they become brittle in the southern California sun. I keep a few on hand just in case I crack one. Barn in the Sticks has been great! Shipping is quick and the items are always well packed. Many thanks to Chad!!

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