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For the kids!

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Sometimes it is tough to get the kids away from the video games and phones for a weekend, here are some ideas to help.  Barn in the Sticks sells inexpensive products that are great for weekend projects and then you can watch the results for weeks and months to come.  One of our new products is the Gadjit line of products made using recycled soda or water bottles. 

Gadjit Recycled Bottle Bird Feeders

If you are looking for other projects, we also have a window bird feeder and a bat house kit, both projects will last for years to come and are a great way to bond to your child or grandchild.  For other ideas, check out our kid's corner at Barn in the Sticks.

kids corner

Building Habitat

January is a great time of year to get out and work on bird habitat.  Whether it is putting up a screech owl nesting box, (they start nesting in January), or heading out to the pond to put up a wood duck house or simply cleaning out your bluebird nesting boxes to discourage mice, January [...]

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Why Buy American Made Products?

http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Buy-American-Products?&id=6534583   Here is the reason I believe very strongly in American made products, and think every American when making a purchase should spend just a minute to compare an American made product to imported products. Since the 1960's, America has been in a trade deficit. We import more goods than we export. In the 1980's, the scale [...]

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Building a Business

My love for birds and wildlife started when I was a kid. I remember going to my grandmother's house and admiring her many bird feeders hanging from the birch tree in her front yard. My father also helped nurture my passion for wildlife and bird-watching by teaching me how to make birdhouses and feeders. In winter, [...]

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Birdman of Monticello: Online business caters to devotees of growing pursuit

Like a lot of folks these days, Chad Mathys dreamed of running an online business out of his home. The only question was what kind of business. His first experiment was with custom pens. Drawing on his previous work experience at Parker Pen in Janesville, Mathys launched a web-based business offering personalized writing instruments. But while [...]

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Control the mosquitoes in your backyard naturally.

(Free-Press-Release.com) August 12, 2010 -- We all wait anxiously for the summer months, barbecues, swimming, biking, hiking, camping…and mosquitoes! While there are many products out there to help you with mosquitoes, including repellents which contain deet, which if used over time, can be bad for you. There are other options, like expensive mosquito foggers, electric [...]

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