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Honey and Bees

Our honey, Mudbranch Farms Honey, is taken from our hives located in Lafayette County in Southern Wisconsin.  This is 100% pure raw honey, meaning it has never been boiled, so all of the good stuff is still in it.  It is unbelievable how good this golden creation tastes compared to store bought honey.  A lot of the honey you purchase in a store is blended honey, it has additives.  Other honey in the stores will also be imported honey, possibly mixed with a little USA honey just to meet requirements.  Our honey is from our hives exclusively and there has been nothing mixed with it.  We did strain it off to remove any portion of the wax remaining.

Keep watching, we will soon be adding honey making supplies to Barn in the Sticks as well!  Honey Supers, Deeps, and other bee hive components will be coming very soon!